Saturday, November 24, 2012

What up, world?

I re-joined Weight Watchers on Thursday morning.
The program worked for me, and I successfully lost 25 pounds before they switched to PointsPlus. On that new system, I never lost, I was only maintaining- at that point, I still wanted to lose weight.
So I stopped. And over the last year and a half, I have steadily gained back 15 of those pounds. I'm not happy, definitely not healthy, and counting calories is just not my thing. I need the accountability of a program, and I think that since I'm paying for it, I will be more likely to follow the plan.

I went grocery shopping today and am really excited about my purchases. I'll be really honest here- I'm a binge eater.... so I tried to not buy anything I would be able to just sit down and EAT. So the soups I'll be eating this week will be served without crackers. The only thing I'm a little nervous about is the bag of almonds I bought. I plan to weight out the almonds into portions and put them in little bags so that I can just grab a serving right away.

Chicken pot pie soup (this is delicious!)
Taco soup (also very good)
Salsa-baked hake (fish), brown rice, salad

I bought a bunch of salad stuff, so I'll just take a combination each day
spring mix, broccoli slaw, grape tomatoes, celery, almonds, dried cranberries, tuna, balsamic vinegarette

100cal multi-grain English muffins (so good!)
"Laughing Cow" cinnamon cream cheese wedge

Celery with "laughing cow" garden veggie cream cheese wedge
Raw almonds
Grape tomatoes

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  1. I have that same snacking problem too. I can't even keep crackers in the house because I'll eat them. Keep it up, and keep posting how it goes!